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Description of シェアハウス -今日も僕は監視する。

◆ Solve puzzle x Monitoring novel game ◆

Six men and women living in a shared house.

One day, it was attacked by "someone" of the roommate.

... ... To protect your own life,

- I will also monitor today.

◆ Object of the game ◆
· Monitor the behavior of the roommate and find the "attacker" that attacked you.

◆ Monitoring part ◆
· Two types of actions can be selected: "to monitor" and "to go to investigate" · "monitor" can see the behavior of a person and listen to the conversation stealing · "heading for examination" and directly with the roommate I can talk and explore

■■■ Watch out for roommates ■■■

· My roommate may suddenly visit your room ...... Let's do it well so that the surveillance does not fall

· In a number of actions, you may be pressed to choose ... ... sometimes involving life and death

◆ Advancement part ◆
· After monitoring and exploration, move on to advance measures to protect your own life · Determine from the evidence and information gained in the monitoring part and stop the crime plan · If you make a mistake ...?

In this share house, there is a person aiming at my life · · ·.
- We were friends, were not we?

※This story is a fiction. It has nothing to do with real people and organizations.

Because there is no horror element, suspense and mystery series dramas and movies,
Easy to play, including those who like escape and puzzle games.

◆ Character appearance ◆

Shiroda: ... I will definitely catch the assailant. "
The main character of this work. She is responsible for the manager of the share house.
There is a bit nervous aspect, but it is a very ordinary college student.
One day I was having a roommate, someone is attacked.

Akane "Oh shiroda ... are you embarrassed?"
He is a guest of roommate, aiming for a stage actress.
Although it looks beautiful and tends to give a harsh impression,
I like to tease Shiroda, I am also astonished.

Fuji "I cried at the explanatory note ... .... Sotsuge Sentence, put it!"
One of the roommates is aiming for a comedian.
Being active and powerful, it is hard to get results.
Every time I say a pun, the field freezes, but I am penetrating that style.

Mitsuba "Please listen to my new song !!! Yeah !!"
One of the roommates, aiming to be a rock musician.
I admire a band, and the room always resonates with heavy bass.
It seems like something fond of Siroda ...?

Yuzu: "Is it bad already?"
She is a roommate and aims to serialize it in girls' cartoons.
It seems that I have frequently disputed with the person in charge whether there is an extraordinary commitment.
I usually take care of it and speak a little about my household chores.

Aikawa: ... .... Sorry, days passed. "
He is a roommate and has no future dreams.
Although Ikawa who spends everyday with Daradara in an unreasonable manner,
It is my best friend whether I get along with Shiroda.

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